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Lameness Evaluation
Diagnosing lameness is a challenging but rewarding part of equine veterinary practice. Our veterinarians are dedicated to keeping equine athletes performing at their highest level. Generally, lameness...Read More...

Laminitis / Founder Care
Treatment of laminitis has been a major focus of our practice for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of laminitis. Regardless of the initial cause of laminitis we feel that it is important to treat the whole horse, not just the feet.

Digital Radiography
Veterinary Hospital has invested in computerized radiology to better serve our patients. Digital radiographs have several benefits including the ability to alter the image once it is obtained to better...Read More...

Many diseases of the equine foot result from impaired blood circulation. A venogram is a procedure where a tourniquet is placed over the fetlock and radiopaque contrast medium is injected into the vein. X-rays...Read More...

Digital Ultrasonography
Homestead Veterinary Hospital has three ultrasound units with several probes which allow us to visualize tendons and ligaments, abdominal and thoracic organs and assist in reproductive work. Digital ultrasound...Read More...

Gait Analysis
We are proud to have the newest technology to assist our veterinarians in evaluating lameness. The Lameness Locator system by Equinosis was developed over the past 19 years based on kinematic research...Read More...

Shockwave Therapy
Shockwave is a non-invasive safe approach that stimulates healing and blood flow using pressure waves. Using shockwave treatment our veterinarians have the ability to target specific injury locations which...Read More...

Mesotherapy is a treatment developed in France in 1952, by Dr. M. Pistor, commonly used in human patients around the world and introduced to the equine community by French veterinarian Dr. Jeane Marie...Read More...

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