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Equine Medicine

Wellness Exams
Homestead veterinarians are actively involved in tailoring wellness care programs for each farm we visit. The foundation of a wellness care program is routine vaccination for a variety of preventable equine...Read More...

Vaccination Programs
Routine vaccination for diseases is an important factor in preventative medicine. Many communicable diseases can be prevented by maintaining a solid vaccination program. Our veterinarians will work with you to...Read More...

Fecal Egg Count
More than 150 internal parasites exist that can harm your horse in varying ways. Parasites migrate through the horse's system causing damage to both tissues and vital organs including major blood vessels...Read More...

Endoscopy allows our veterinarians to visualize the upper respiratory tract and lower urinary tract of horses. The endoscope also allows the doctors to collect Trans-Tracheal Washes for outside laboratory testing.

Laboratory Services
We offer in house blood-work- CBC's, Chemistry Panels, and Fribrogen testing as well as in-house Coggins EIA testing, with a standard turn around time of 12-48 hours but if necessary we have the ability ...Read More...

Equine Dentistry
We understand and value the benefit that high quality dental services can provide for equine athletes and companions. The foundation of any dental procedure is an oral examination using a full mouth speculum ...Read More...

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