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Your Pets

Email us your favorite picture of your pet(s), if you would like us to post them on our website! In the email include who the picture is of and a few tid bits about them. Send your pictures to homesteadvet.labtech@gmail.com

tillieTillie Dean
Tillie's Owner says, "She loves outdoor activities. Even at her age she loves long hikes and playing in the creek (which is why her beard is all wet in this photo!). She is my veterinary school buddy and has helped me learn my physical exam skills. We have also done Barn Hunt and Rally Obedience classes, which she also loves!"

Julie_DaltonPicture of Julie Dalton's Horse.

luluLuLu Vibbert
LuLu's owner says "She is 6 years old and I got her at a MOHJO banquet silent auction. I was the only one to bid on her! Her mom is a boarder collie, but I have no idea where the ears come from! Lulu loves to play fetch, explore with my other dog Dillon and to herd our barn cat, Pickles. When she cries, she sounds more like a monkey than a dog!! She is super sweet!!"

djangaDjanga and her colt enjoying the grass paddocks while at the hospital.

booneThis is Boone (laying) and Chance Friedman (sitting) they are Bernese Mountain Dogs.

tippyTippy Toes
Tippy Toes Owner says "I rescued her when she was a puppy with little floppy ears and she has grown to be a tall and lanky 25# spoiled girl."

Loki's Owner says "Loki was recently adopted, we got his from Bollinger County Stray Project. He is about 5 months old now and is such a sweety!

Mickey's Owner says " Mickey was found as a puppy wandering down Hwy O, very forlorn, on Dec 28, 2003. I picked him up and put him in my car because it was better to take him to the pound than for me to drive back later and find in hit by a car or worse. Well, Mickey never made it to the pound and is not 12 years old and has been a member of our family since that day I stuck him in my car.

Wylie's Owner says "He showed up Memorial weekend and moved onto the front porch, he was making so much noise moving in, we came out thinking it was a coyote, and nope it was Wylie. We have no idea where he came from and would not trade him for anything!"

Stanlee's Owner says "We adopted Stanlee from Needy Paws Rescue this past spring. He is a loveable goofy guy and we have no idea what breeds he is but he is cute!

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